FANGORIA Annual Subscription Spring Offer

(Our issue #11 subscriber cover)

With an annual subscription, you’ll get 4 issues per year. Each sent quarterly in January, April, July, October. 

Here’s what you can expect from each magazine: 

Once you get your first issue in the mailbox. You’ll instantly notice it feels a bit hefty. That’s because every issue you get will contain 100 pages. 

Also, on the front. You’ll notice your Issue came with a film-strip. That’s because we want to stay true to Fango in its glory days. 

Since we are just as passionate as you are. Thus, we keep little details like that alive.

Also, you’ll see your exclusive issue cover. Since only subscribers can get their hands on those. Which is great if you’re into collecting these. 

Then, once you get comfortable & open it up?  You'll see we include content. Amazing art, entertaining articles & exclusive content YOU enjoy.

For instance, here’s some of the content in previous issues: 

  • Paul Thomas Anderson interviewing Jordan Peele
  • Debuted new fiction from Chuck Palahniuk, Tananarive Due, Joe Lansdale and Stephen Graham Jones
  • Ari Aster interviewing Robert Eggers
  • Patton Oswalt reflecting on the imaginary monster match-ups of his youth.

And here are what some other subscribers had to say: 

I’m so happy you guys are still around! Seriously... your mag is my favourite and I look forward to it! Your new super glossy look is amazing!- Max

Just wanted to say thanks for helping make quarantine more bearable with a regular dose of horror fun every few months with your talented crew. Looking forward to the next issue!” - Chris 

“I absolutely love Fangoria. I’ve been reading it since the first round.” - Holli 

“I am really excited and impressed with the two issues I have received. Really great content with great quality. I would recommend subscribing if you are on the fence about it!” - LuciousPlague on reddit. 

“Can confirm it is awesome, must have for a true horror fan!” - Dwarber150 on reddit. 

Again, I know you may not know if you want to be a subscriber or not. Especially since, at the moment? We aren’t sure about the cover. And we don’t know the exact release date. All I can really say is that it’s around July.

So, I understand why these reasons would hold you back. Trust me. This is why I wanted to make this worthwhile and offer you our upcoming Spring T-shirt for FREE.

I’ll also make sure we email you on the updates for issue 12. So you won’t be lost in the process. 

The issue ships the first week of July. 

However, if you don’t enjoy issue 12? Then you can get a full refund. You don’t even need a real reason. If you don’t like it? We believe you. 

Also, if this happens. You can still keep the magazine. No questions asked.

To get a refund, just email us at That’s also the place to ask other questions about: Shipping/Subscription. 

So, here’s how to order & redeem your free spring t-shirt: 

  1. Just click the “buy now” button below. Then, once you do that. On the page that asks for your customer & shipping information. Enter the needed info, then scroll to the bottom. There, you’ll see “Have a discount code? Enter it here”. 
  2. Then, just enter the code you were given in the email. After that, just enter your payment information. Place your order. Then, you’ll be sent an order confirmation. 

Your shirt will arrive in 7-10 business days.


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