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When was Fangoria first conjured from the shadows?

FANGORIA emerged from the depths in 1979, carving out a niche in the world of horror.

What cryptic content can I dig up on Fangoria?

From hair-raising film reviews to bone-chilling books and petrifying podcasts, FANGORIA is your one-stop-shop for all things horror.

Who are the sinister minds behind Fangoria's current phase?

FANGORIA is currently helmed by Tara Ansley, Abhi Goel, Phil Nobile Jr., Angel Melanson, and Jason Kauzlarich.

What is Fangoria's mission from the beyond?

Our mission is to honor our legacy through expansion into original film, television, podcasts, gaming and more while celebrating our diverse community of creators and fans.

What eerie evolution is Fangoria undergoing?

We're branching out with Fangoria Studios, our production arm for original film and TV content, as well as delving into the world of podcasts and gaming.

Does Fangoria host any spine-tingling events?

Yes, we regularly host petrifying events and exclusive experiences for our beloved community of horror enthusiasts. Keep an eye out on our site and social channels for updates.

How can I submit my own work of horror to Fangoria?

We love discovering new voices in horror. You can submit your blood-curdling tales through our submissions portal on our website.

What will happen to Fangoria's magazine in this digital era?

Our magazine remains the heart of FANGORIA. It's going strong, with each issue curated to deliver the finest in horror, just like always.

How does Fangoria support the horror community?

Through our platform, we aim to elevate and celebrate the work of creators and fans alike. Our community initiatives range from promoting indie works to hosting discussions and debates on horror culture.

Are there any terrifyingly talented contributors to Fangoria?

Absolutely! We have a ghoulishly gifted team, including Oscar-winning contributors who have shaped the horror genre itself.

Does Fangoria have any social media accounts where I can follow their macabre mischief?

Of course! You can find us casting shadows and causing frights on all major social media platforms.

I've got a bone-chilling idea for Fangoria. How can I get in touch?

We welcome all frightful ideas! You can reach out to us through our Contact page, or drop a message on any of our social media platforms

I'm a horror newbie. Is Fangoria a good place to start?

Absolutely! At FANGORIA, we welcome everyone from seasoned horror lovers to genre newbies. Get ready for a journey into fear like no other.


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