FANGORIA Magazine Vol. 2 Issue #6


Relive the glee and festive fun of January 2020 - a simpler time. Originally shipped in late December 2019, this tinselled issue is a multicolored Christmas sweater of varied coverage, including much of the horror (Invisible Man, Color Out of Space) that would keep us thrilled through a grim 2020. If you can hold your egg nog, slide up to the bar with the cool cast of VFW.  


ROBBERT EGGERS // CHRIS COLUMBUS: Exactly as planned, our baton-pass interview draws more and more directors into our clutches…. Last issue, Ari Aster lured in Robert Eggers, and now Eggers (The Lighthouse, The VVitch) interviews his mentor Chris Columbus (Gremlins, The Goonies, Harry Potter 1 - 2);

VFW: Our cover feature is a violent melee that finds a group of veteran drinking buddies defending their local canteen from an invasion of mutant punk gangsters;

THE INVISIBLE MAN: We take you on the set of Leigh Warnell’s terrifying instant classic;

COLOR OUT OF SPACE: Our minds get blown on SpectreVision’s adaptation of the HP Lovecraft classic;

GRETEL & HANSEL: director Oz Perkins talks to his star Sophia Lillis;
“THE MIDNIGHT MOVIE”: a historical chronicle of this late-night social event’s rise and fall;

2019’s BEST MOVIE DEATHS: a disgustingly detailed retrospective; 

DOWNLOADABLE GAME: We set you up with our downloadable board game, DON'T LET THE WOLVES EAT OUR BABY! You’ll never guess what the objective is!

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    What is FANGORIA?

    Since 1979, FANGORIA has lived up to its moniker as “First In Fright,” growing across the decades to become one of the most influential horror brands in the genre. Starting as a print magazine, FANGORIA has grown and evolved into a multimedia platform company, spanning across print, digital, studio (film and television), podcasts, merchandise and more.

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    Yes, you can purchase prior individual issues here (while supplies last). Since they are collectibles, if they sell out, they are gone! You can also check out our archives page to read vintage Volume 1 issues here

    “As a lifelong horror fan, I've found no better resource than FANGORIA. Every issue is packed with riveting articles, unique interviews, and high-quality visuals that cater to my morbid curiosity. Highly recommended!”

    Steve W.


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