FANGORIA Magazine Vol. 2 Issue #6

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It's the holiday season, so belly up to the bar and raise a glass to the vets of VFW! Fango's latest film, directed by Joe Begos, is our centerpiece this issue because, well, because we made it. But it's not the only gift under the tree:
  • We visit the sets of Leigh Whannell's instant classic THE INVISIBLE MAN and Richard Stanley's long-awaited return to filmmaking, COLOR OUT OF SPACE;
  • Robert Eggers interviews his mentor Chris Columbus;
  • GRETEL & HANSEL director Oz Perkins talks to his star Sophia Lillis;
  • A history of the rise and fall and rise of the midnight movie;
  • The Best Movie Deaths of 2019;
  • A downloadable board game called DON'T LET THE WOLVES EAT OUR BABY!
And lots more of the great content you've come to expect from FANGORIA!