FANGORIA Magazine Vol. 2 Issue #7


You’re creeping through the wreckage of a post-apocalyptic world, when suddenly, a magazine catches your eye. You pick it up, and brush a cloud of dust off its cover. It’s FANGORIA #7 - from January 2020! A relic from the Before Times, its innocence and optimism thrumming faintly through the air….


Who could have seen this global pandemic coming? Judging by FANGORIA #7, we sure didn't! Like a frozen time capsule of an alternate universe, Fango #7 is packed with coverage on spring releases that were yanked from the schedule moments after the mag went to print. Peruse our predictions: which ones were frighteningly wrong? What paradigms are gone for good? A must-have for film historians….

SAINT MAUD: Director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting, 28 Days Later) interviews writer-director Rose Glass about her terrifying religious horror film;

RURAL HORROR: Longtime FANGORIA editor Michael Gingold discusses this eerie aesthetic in two new films, ANTLERS and THE WRETCHED;

SAW: The series is back with the innovative, Chris Rock-produced film SPIRAL. Director Darren Lynn Bousmann and writer Josh Stolberg discuss their new, psychological take on the franchise; 

HOT NEW FICTION: horror tales by Mick Garris and Nicole Exposito;

PORNO: In which a 90s movie theatre meets a ragtag group of Christian teens meets an ancient succubus on a testicle-exploding rampage. What could go right? 

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    What is FANGORIA?

    Since 1979, FANGORIA has lived up to its moniker as “First In Fright,” growing across the decades to become one of the most influential horror brands in the genre. Starting as a print magazine, FANGORIA has grown and evolved into a multimedia platform company, spanning across print, digital, studio (film and television), podcasts, merchandise and more.

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    Can I purchase previous back issues?

    Yes, you can purchase prior individual issues here (while supplies last). Since they are collectibles, if they sell out, they are gone! You can also check out our archives page to read vintage Volume 1 issues here

    “As a lifelong horror fan, I've found no better resource than FANGORIA. Every issue is packed with riveting articles, unique interviews, and high-quality visuals that cater to my morbid curiosity. Highly recommended!”

    Steve W.


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