Fangoria Windbreaker


Living in a horror universe comes with never-ending occupational hazards: dripping ectoplasm, howling winds, even the Infamous Soul-Eating Rain from the Realms of Yggroth! But you’ll stay snug and dry in this new Fangoria windbreaker. It’s quick and lightweight for drizzly commutes and grocery runs, and great for early spring jogs away from the Blood-Drinking Beast of the Eighth Hell. Plus, the staring ghoul on the back will keep pesky spirits away!

Features waterproof coating, elastic cuffs, and mesh pockets. Unlined.

Wash in cold water.

Goes great with the FANGORIA patch tote bag and insulated travel tumbler.

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Since 1979, FANGORIA has lived up to its moniker as “First In Fright,” growing across the decades to become one of the most influential horror brands in the genre. Starting as a print magazine, FANGORIA has grown and evolved into a multimedia platform company, spanning across print, digital, studio (film and television), podcasts, merchandise and more.

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Yes, you can purchase prior individual issues here (while supplies last). Since they are collectibles, if they sell out, they are gone! You can also check out our archives page to read vintage Volume 1 issues here

“As a lifelong horror fan, I've found no better resource than FANGORIA. Every issue is packed with riveting articles, unique interviews, and high-quality visuals that cater to my morbid curiosity. Highly recommended!”

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